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Letitia February 23, 2022
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The Terms of Use describe our copyrights and the user’s responsibility for them. It also includes our responsibilities and disclaimer for user’s content.

The information below is our Terms of Use at this web, a place dedicated to sharing FNAF games and its related horror games. They will tell you about your responsibility to respect our copyrights, protect your personal information and to be responsible for the content you post on this site.

At the same time, we also affirm the disclaimers for the content posted by users. We will remove illegal content from the site and permanently ban abusive accounts. This is for the purpose of protecting other users, contributing to a healthy playing field.

Our copyrights and user responsibility

If you’ve read About us or our privacy policy, you’ve probably understood a bit about us. We are a site that shares FNAF games and its game fans to all players who love horror survival games. You can find them on the homepage or search results, all of which are free to download and play at all times.

But please note, we do not own the copyright to these games and even the images related to the game. We just collect them and share them with you here as an FNAF fan. So you are free to share games on this site to others without asking us.

However, the rest of our site including all content in each article belongs to us. Our content team worked hard to test the game and write a description about it. Content typically includes gameplay descriptions, graphics reviews, and gameplay instructions.

The content is always presented concisely, accurately and clearly for everyone to understand. It will help you access the game faster, and provide an overview description for you to review and choose the right game. So if you want to share our content, please include our website source, author name, or logo.

Besides, we also promise that we will never share paid files, download files under APK, Jip, Rar files and are completely free to download. These games are only for players over 18 years old because they have horror elements. Please remind us by email if you notice our mistake.

On the contrary, we will send you a warning message the first time if you violate copyright. But if the mistake happens more than once, we’ll be forced to lock your account.

What is our responsibility and disclaimer?

We have responsibilities at this site to make sure everything works as expected. That is:

  • Update new versions daily (if any) for games on the website.
  • Respond to and handle violations of user accounts, such as posting or sharing negative, obscene or intrusive information about others’ privacy.
  • Respond to and handle user issues, such as correcting and deleting personal information and protecting user information from theft and intrusion.

So, what belongs to our liability limitation? That is:

  • We disclaim responsibility for user content, including postings, comments, content of personal information. You will be solely responsible for your content at this web. But if it violates the terms, you will be punished according to the law and we will remove your account from this website, which means you will not be able to access it.
  • We are not responsible for the security of a user account if you intentionally give it to someone else. Please keep your account and password private to prevent bad situations from happening. Besides, please do not share your GPS, we never ask for it for any purpose.

Follow the terms of use and contribute to it

The terms of use are set by us but we do it based on the general rules and user feedback on this site. You need to comply with them, or stop using the website for any personal purposes. We will handle violations of the terms to ensure a healthy and productive environment for many others.

We always welcome any comments from you to contribute to the terms of use. Please send your feedback to our email address (Email: info@ultimatecustomnightgame.com). We will review it and give you feedback, if it makes sense, we will customize and update the terms of use.

Finally, we would like to say that the terms are subject to change in the future. We may update them from time to time and will notify all users of the changes. If you have accepted all these terms, relax with your favorite FNAF game after getting it at ultimatecustomnightgame.com.

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