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Letitia February 23, 2022
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Privacy Policy includes our notice regarding the collection and handling of your information. It is helpful for you to know us, a place to share FNAF games.

Privacy Policy is always something that you need to consider when using any website, and it is no exception here, It will tell you how we work with your information and use it to improve this website.

We have policies that make things clear so you don’t get stuck. If there are any comments, please feedback to us to resolve instead of commenting negative things. You have rights and obligations with your information, and we will assist you to protect it from infringement.

Privacy Policy Ultimate Custom Night

What do we bring to your entertainment?

As soon as you visit the homepage of this website, you can see a lot of shared games. Most of them are horror games of the FNAF series and its fangames. They come from various sources and are here for free for you to download anytime and enjoy offline.

We never share paid files so it’s easy for anyone to play their favorite game. Those who love the classic FNAF clicker survival adventure then this is heaven for them. Meet mysterious mechs in a pizzeria or old factory, and you’ll feel the fear right before your eyes.

You only need a computer, mouse and keyboard to play immediately after downloading the game to your computer. You will enjoy moments of exciting tension in this frantic escape from animatronics. And you will not be spared the vivid 2D or 3D jumpscares. That is what makes the appeal of this cult horror game series.

What information we collect from you and how we process it

When you visit here to search and download games, we have collected information from you. Don’t worry, we publish this activity in the Privacy Policy to clearly define our rights and purposes. The following is the information we collect from users on the website:

Login account information: For those who register for an account, we will store information including their display name, avatar photo, email address, gender, age, …. Note, we do not ask you to use real information to register, nor do we use your GPS address. So please check and remove the GPS address (if any) for your safety.

Content you share on the website through a personal account: You can post content including text, images or files on your profile. We will record and store them to ensure no illegal content on our website.

Your activity log: It includes the games you play, the ads you clicked on, your comments and posts. We need to store this information in order to recommend the right choices for you, like games and advertising. As a result, you will feel your experience is personalized. Finding your favorite game has also become more convenient.

We need the above information for a variety of purposes, but not for any personal use. For example, we need your contact information to send you notifications reminding you of new games or new updates on the website. At the same time, this also helps us manage all users, detect and remove offending accounts (if any).

In addition, we also use them to make sure this website works properly. It is necessary to ensure no negative content is posted and shared. Also, we use your comments and posts to help you connect and interact with the online multiplayer on the site.

You have rights and obligations with respect to personal information

As for your information, we reserve the right to store and protect it from illegal infringements. But at the same time, you also have every right to customize your information and have the right to request that we stop collecting your information.

In addition, each user should be responsible for the management and security of his or her information. Please do not share your account and password with anyone, do not post negative content and share your personal GPS address. If you find any errors, you can change them yourself or contact us for help.

So, our privacy policy has been clarified in this article. But we’re not sure they’ll stay that way. We may change it from time to time to ensure its suitability for website operation and user satisfaction. Once there, we’ll let you know to capture and respond if you want.

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