Instructions: Interact with the in-game objects using the mouse. Use keys WAD to close the doors.

Ultimate Custom Night Play Online

Play FNAF Ultimate Custom Night game online for free to enjoy another horror adventure where you can customize the animatronic characters and set their difficulty level from level 0 to 20. All famous animatronics are back in this latest spinoff installment of Five Nights at Freddy’s series by Scott Cawthon. So, this is a big chance to battle against them. Among 50 selectable characters, you will start choosing some animatronics that you like, then, adjust them following your own way. You are still placed in a strange office armed with two side doors, two air hoses, and two vents. Make sure you check these places because they directly lead into your office. If one animatronic sneaks into the room successfully, you will be jumpscared. Make good use of the heater, A/C, a power generator, or a global music box to fend off these wicked creatures. The final objective here is to overcome this dangerous custom night.

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