Sans Simulator 2 Demo

Letitia May 15, 2019 Action, Fangame, Fnaf, Fnaf Download, Horror, Strategy
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Sans Simulator 2 Demo is a good Fnaf fangame with unique gameplay different from the original. It is the first version of the second chapter. If you encounter bugs at modding the game, please save the edited sprite on the desktop and move it into the “sans sprites” folder after that. It is also a way to do the same for the head and body.

FNAF Sans Simulator 2
FNAF Sans Simulator 2

Come to Fnaf Sans Simulator 2 Demo you will have the chance to experience several changes not existing in the earliest entry. For example, you can check out numerous new attacks like rotating Gaster Blasters, the Bone stab, Homing-Bones, Bouncing bones, and so on. Not only that, you will find other additions such as the ability to modify or replace Megalovania with any music. Besides, there are some modes including Challenge and SIngleplayer. Meanwhile, people hope that they can enjoy Online Multiplayer soon. Do not ignore soul types! Have fun!

Download Sans Simulator 2 Demo 36 MB

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