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Project: Alisa’s Funplace Fnaf

Project: Alisa’s Funplace Fnaf

Project: Alisas Funplace Fnaf

Project: Alisa’s Funplace Fnaf is a fangame based on a popular survival title. Access another version of Alisa’s Fun Place and embark on exploring a haunted destination located near one of the most famous parks in America. The former one was shut down in 1966 due to mysterious events related to scary animatronics. In Project: Alisa’s Funplace Fnaf download, you can meet up with better guys, along with the other areas, and so on.

Before the match in Project: Alisa’s Funplace Fnaf happens, your friend Ben said that the boss was looking for a guard. You accepted to work the night shift there. But, you have to always keep an eye on roaming robots instead of watching over everything in the building. However, supervising their movement when you join Project: Alisa’s Funplace Fnaf will be a key to help you avoid deadly hits and prevent them from invading your room. If you can defend your life until 6 AM, you will become the winner and get $100. Remember that your enemies love lurking in shadows!

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